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frequently asked questions

Webinars will cover everything related to help your shooting games. Individual webinars will cover a specific topic. Example: Mental Game or Practice Routines

You will have an opportunity to ask questions during webinars. However depending on time your question may not get answered.

Webinars happen as often as we can book them and make them. Check this website for more details or subscribe to our newsletter

Webinars will take place at various times throughout the day. Check the website and your email for more details.

Webinars anyone can sign up for typically cost $20-$100. The price of a webinar will be determined by the time in the content of the webinar.

While we would love to make webinars free for everyone, unfortunately we cannot make that happen right now.

Basic level subscribers get access to our extensive video library. 
⁃Gold Member subscribers get access to our extensive video library, and weekly live virtual meeting with Gebben, and access to the recordings of the exclusive Gold member meetings. 

Absolutely! We highly take into consideration topics our customers want covered!